Marshmallows as Mitigation

I was interpreting for a Mexican defendant who was pleading guilty to disobeying a fire ban up in the mountains. When the judge asked if there was anything he’d like to say about what happened, he responded in Spanish that his children had wanted to make “bombones.”

In my experience, bombones usually refer to chocolates, or can be a slang term for women. Neither of those seemed to make sense in this context, so I asked for clarification. I wondered if he meant s’mores, since those contain chocolate. I quickly discovered that for him, bombones were marshmallows!


So now, the big question:

How do you say marshmallow in the language your interpret? 

So far, I have heard the following:

Uruguay – malvavisco

Mexico – bombón

Colombia – masmelo

Please post a comment or send me an email if you have another term for marshmallow. LOTS interpreters included!


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