Terminology: Car Engine Parts

The scene: 8:00 am. The morning after Christmas. Walking to the courthouse, heavily bundled against the subzero temperatures.

I think to myself: it will probably be a slow day.

The reality that awaits me: A small claims suit that would last three hours, during which I would discover the intricate inner-workings of a car engine. Needless to say, I learned quite a few new words.


Antifreeze – el anticongelante

Ball bearing – el cojinete

Camshaft – el árbol de levas

Crankshaft – el cigüeñal

Dipstick – la varilla/indicadora de aceite

Gears – el engranaje

Head gasket – el empaque de cabecera

To idle the engine – marchar al ralentí/en vacío, estar en neutro

Metal shavings – virutas de metal

To misfire (an engine) – fallar

Reluctor wheel – la rueda reluctor

Salvage – materiales reutilizables/aprovechables

Solenoide – el solenoid

Struts – los puntales, las riostras

Timing belt – la correa de distribución

Timing chain – la cadena de distribución

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