Terminology – Competency Hearing

Terminology from expert witness testimony in a Competency Hearing.

Executive reasoning – razonamiento ejecutivo

Spacial reasoning – razonamiento spacial

Abstract reasoning – razonamiento abstracto

Unspecified psychotic disorder – trastorno psicótico no especificado

Active psychotic symptoms – síntomas psicóticos activos

Neurocognitive impairment – discapacidad neurocognitiva

Low/borderline intellectual functioning – funcionamiento intelectual bajo/marginal

Confidence interval – intervalo de confianza

Adjustment disorder – trastorno de adaptación



Spanish interpreters, please feel free to submit ideas and alternative translations for the terms listed above.  Leave a comment below, or send me an email here.

Don’t see your language? We need your help! Please submit possible translations in your language here. (Be sure to include the term in English as well.)

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