Terminology: DUI Expert Witness Testimony

We’ve all been there. The DUI expert gets on the stand and starts testifying about the roadside maneuvers at 200 words per minute!

Here are some of the terms that I’ve come across during DUI motions hearings in Denver County.

'I know my husband and there's no point arguing with him about how fast he was going when he's drunk.'

Roadside Maneuvers – Maniobras en el sitio

Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test (HGN) – Prueba de nistagmo de vista horizontal

Stylus – el stylus

Maximum deviation – desviación máxima

Lack of smooth pursuit – falta de seguimiento suave

Walk and Turn Test – Prueba de caminar y girar

Heel-to-toe – talón a la punta de los pies

One-legged Stand Test – Prueba de parase en una pierna

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Manual (NHTSA Manual) – el Manual de la Administración Nacional de la Seguridad Vial

Breath Analysis Consent form – formulario de consentimiento para el análisis de aliento

Expressed Consent/No Certification of Refusal – formulario de consentimiento implícito/sin certificación de negación

Spanish interpreters, please feel free to submit ideas and alternative translations for the terms listed above.  Leave a comment below, or send me an email here.

Don’t see your language? We need your help! Please submit possible translations in your language here. (Be sure to include the term in English as well.)

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